The honor is mine to make a commemorative pen for you from the cartridge cases fired by the Honor Guard beside your loved veteran's casket.

Were you, a family member, or a friend presented with the cartridge cases fired in a military salute for a deceased veteran? Are those cases rolling around in your desk drawer? Do you want to have a lasting memory of your veteran in your hand and be proud to show others that memorial and tell his or her story? I will use the cases you received to make Legacy-Pens for you, your relatives and friends.

Each handmade pen will contain one of the actual cartridges fired, I will provide the other cartridge. The cases you received will be cleaned, polished, machined and assembled to make a long-lasting and useful pen that will help you remember your veteran and their service on an ongoing basis. The base of each cartridge case has unique numbers and letters. When you send me your cases, I'll ask that you note this information on my order form, and I guarantee that you'll receive back each case you send to me to make into pens. Please realize that during the firing process, cases may become marked or scratched; some of these characteristics may be removed during my cleaning and polishing process, some may not. As each pen is built of two differing caliber cases, I will provide the second case for each piece. Your pen will be completed, placed in an attractive display box (as shown) and shipped to the addresses of your choice (yourself, relative, friend) for $70 each. All you have to do is ship me your fired cartridge cases. Please click here to begin the process.

"Our father (and grandfather) served in WWII with the 295th AAA and was part of the landing at Omaha Beach. He spent 6 years in France, Belgium and Germany. We lost Dad 2 years ago at the age of 87. Months after his burial I realized I still had a baggy with the cartridges I received from the rifle salute at his burial. I had 3 pens made with these cartridges and on the wood box it is inscribed: 'IN HONOR OF MY DAD, PETER MERCIER'.

My son, brother and I have them displayed on our desks so we can hold it every day.

Dont miss out on this incredible way to remember these soldiers." Tom, Josh, and Bruce Mercier

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"My brother-in-law was given a military funeral at Arlington; and we collected the spent shells from the twenty-one gun salute.

Paul made the shells into beautiful pens, which we gave my sister and her four children.

The family was very thankful and pleased."

Sue Cunningham
Sister-in-law to Brigadier General Ransom Edward Barber, U.S. Army

In general, the components of your pen are a .30 caliber case which was adopted by the US military in 1906 and its replacement case which is the 7.62x51mm, which remains on active duty. The cases are more commonly known as the 30'06 Springfield and the .308 Winchester. These cases have defended our freedom for over a century.

References available upon request.

A portion of the profits from the sale of these pens is donated to Veteran's causes such as Honor Flight - which hosts trips for WWII Vets to see the WWII Memorial and the other military memorials in Washington D.C.

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Send catridges via USPS (UPS and FedEx do not deliver to PO Boxes): Paul Bonestroo, PO Box 255, Hygiene, CO 80533. Phone: 303-250-9565.

I'm a veteran, my father and all of his brothers were veterans.

I know what their service means to me.

I know what your veteran's service means to you.

I would be honored to make Legacy-Pens for you.


Paul M. Bonestroo

Veteran, U.S. Army